After the fame gained by the previously known cosmetic operations such as Rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, Liposuction and body sculpting, lately other cosmetic surgeries began to emerge, echoing the world’s leading beauty magazines and Hollywood star news, which is fingers and toes plastic surgery named the Cinderella surgery, this process was exclusive only for the stars of Hollywood and the rich because of the high cost.

This type of cosmetic surgery depends on correcting any deformity or undesirable bone in the area of the hands and the feet, by giving aesthetic appearance to these two parts of the body and beautifying the shape of the foot and the toes by the specialist medical team in this field.

The operation has been widespread in Turkey; especially in Istanbul among the stars of the artistic society in Turkey and for anyone who wants to have a wonderful aesthetic look of these two important parts of the body, Medikarma Center is a pioneer in this domain.

Medikarma center medical staff has experience in this type of operation by giving the hands and the feet a more feminine and beautiful form. The cost of this process is low compared to Europe and America, where the woman can get the same amazing results but with an average cost.


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